Personal Injury

Compensation whilst you recover and how best to receive it.

Of late, personal injury has become one of the most publicised areas of law and has been subject to a number of legislative changes.

This is largely down to the so-called ‘claim culture’ and the number of claims management companies vying for the business of anyone who has been in an accident.

However, people do have accidents that aren’t their fault and do deserve to be compensated.

We believe that those people are best served when dealing with a Solicitor or Barrister who has the experience, expertise and the time to ensure that the client receives the maximum award they are entitled to.

We don’t believe in oversized personal injury departments that care only about volume and profit and nothing about client care.

For example, we don’t just try to help you obtain compensation, we will also consider the effects of receiving a pay out.

Personal Injury Trusts

Your accident might mean that you will have a reliance on state benefits and receiving compensation could have a real impact.

Any compensation amount over £8,000 could reduce your benefits; an award of £16,000 could make you lose your benefits completely.

Should you be in receipt of benefits, there are very simple steps that can be taken to ensure that you have access to your compensation, but at the same time do not lose the benefits that you rely on.

Instead of receiving your compensation directly, it could be placed into a personal injury trust.

Your money is then managed by the trustees who (rather than giving you cash that could affect your benefits), provide you with access to the compensation, by purchasing what you need on your behalf (Car, new kitchen etc.).

As you do not personally have the capital you should not lose your means tested benefit.

Should you have been injured and are in receipt of means tested benefit, speak to us before you are given your compensation.